Design a Commercial Real Estate Sign to Boost Sales

When it comes to commercial real estate, the quality of your signs is a huge contributor to the strength and frequency of your sales. These are the signs that not only direct active home buyers but attract potential home buyers as well. In addition to advertising an individual property, these commercial real estate signs also advertise a realtor’s personal brand.

Designing a Commercial Real Estate Sign that Increases Sales

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Don’t forget about branding when it comes to your commercial real estate sign.

Well-executed real estate signs are excellent at two things: promoting a property and showcasing a realtor. Both of these features are integral to the quality of one’s sales. By effectively communicating your brand as a real estate agent, you can interact with potential buyers in a much stronger way. The strength of these connections can then positively impact the impressions you make on new customers. Better impressions mean a stronger brand, which means more clients. If done correctly, a successful commercial real estate sign could significantly impact your sales numbers in a positive way. But how do you design the ideal commercial real estate sign?

Creating a Cohesive Design and Message

Cohesion is one of the most important factors when it comes to sign design. That is because a cohesive sign design and message can often translate more easily to other sign types and marketing tools – increasing the efficacy of your branding as a whole. These can include “For Sale” signs, billboards, bench-ads, open house signs, and much more. The more repetitive your message and brand identity are, the more effective they will be. Repetition, however, does not mean boring.

When creating your first real estate signs, it helps to start out with simpler mediums like “For Sale” and “Open House” signs. From there, you can select the style that best reflects your personality (like a classic wooden post, for instance). Then you should state the express purpose of your sign and then incorporate the appropriate branding materials (colors, logos, font, etc.).

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Great Reception Logo Signs to Boost Brand Awareness

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How you represent your brand in interior environments should reflect how you brand your exterior storefront. Most businesses forget to take advantage of indoor signs because, at first, they can sometimes seem unnecessary. ‘Why do I need a sign for visitors who already entered my store?’ The reason for this is that indoor signs can offer a variety of auxiliary uses that complement not only your branding, but also your customer experience. Below is a breakdown of how your business can best utilize a reception logo sign to boost brand awareness in interior environments.

Reception Area Should Reflect Your Storefront

The open architectural space within your office is the perfect opportunity to naturally express your brand identity with a reception logo sign.

No matter the size or scale of your business, your branding efforts should be consistent across all your buildings and materials. That includes indoor spaces as well as outdoor spaces. Effective reception logo signs can help reinforce your branding efforts while also decorating and filling the space. These signs can also complement your exterior signs in different ways. While your exterior pole sign, for example, is bright and colorful, your interior logo sign could be a modern silhouette with minimal colors. So, how does one go about creating a reception logo sign that is attention-grabbing, stylish, and in-tune with their exterior signs?

Reception Logo Sign Design Process

The first thing to consider when developing a reception logo sign is the size. The sign proportions should take into account the dimensions of the wall as well as the proximity to the front entrance. These distances can play a huge role in how well your sign is received. Consistency is really important when it comes to indoor logo signs. The more consistent you are in terms of design choices, the more impactful your logo sign will be when it comes to overall brand recognition.

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