Post and Panel Signs for Construction and Real Estate

Digital signage

Even though there are many other ways and types of signs that you can use to enhance your branding and position yourself out there in the market, post and panel signs are the most commonly used by real estate and construction companies.

But why is it so important for a construction and real estate company to create a memorable brand out there in the market? Being in an industry where you sell houses and other spaces, maintaining a good reputation in the neighborhood is extremely important. If your post and panel signs are appealing and attractive, they will automatically draw more attention and be recognizable to the community and other potential clients.

Posting Panel Signs

Continental Divide Business Park

  • Primarily create more coherent branding
  • Helps in promoting your company
  • Can be used as directional signs for customers

Different materials can be used to make post and panel signs. It all depends on where you want to place them.  They can be made with aluminum,  PVC, foam core,  and even medium density overlay.  The kind of material you use also depends on your budget. A designer who is experienced in creating post and panel signs for construction and real estate businesses can help you better understand which materials will suit your business, location and budget the best.

Bolton panel signs are usually constructed with wood for construction sites and real estate companies and then printed digitally. It is low cost and can be used temporarily. Because for construction sites, the signs need to change regularly, and using more expensive material might not be a perfect idea. But depending on where your construction site is located, you can also use PVC posts, as they are resistant to humid weather conditions and are more reliable.

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How to Build Brand Awareness With Custom Signs

Custom Signs

Every company wants to be seen and known for its unique products or services, but companies that build brand awareness with custom signs are often the most successful. If you want referral business from your existing customers and a recognizable brand for your company that is easy to identify, then you need to consider custom signs and how they may help your business.

Why Do You Need Custom Signs to Build Brand Awareness?

Red Channel letter signNearly every business has some form of competition. In most cases, there are many competing businesses offering similar products or services to that of your company. It is critical to build brand awareness with custom signs in order for your business to stand out from the competition and make it easy for customers to feel connected to your brand and want to build a relationship with your company.

Businesses that are memorable and easy to identify will always produce more repeat business and better referrals from their happy customers. If the customer experience is average, bland, or confusing, then customers are likely to forget your business the next time they need the products or services you offer. Brand visibility and brand recognition mean that you stay on customers’ minds and ensure that they are likely to return.

Essential Custom Signs to Build Brand Awareness

Some business signs are particularly effective for building brand awareness. Logo signs, monument signs, and other wall signs and window graphics are essential for highlighting your brand identity to prospective and repeat customers. At Precision Sign, we offer a wide range of exterior and interior branding solutions to help your company build brand awareness with custom signs.

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How to Incorporate Interior Branding Solutions Into Interior Design Concepts

Wall Signs in Colorado 

Interior branding solutions is a design methodology that helps communicate the brand image of a company through the design elements of a physical environment. This may be inside a storefront, an office space, or other physical areas of a business that would benefit from a polished and carefully designed space.

Why Are Interior Branding Solutions Important?

Interior branding is important because it affects the overall perception of a company by its clients and employees. Strong interior branding solutions and designs help to enhance the client experience and provide a more positive image for employees. This may be subtle, but good interior branding can elevate a visitor’s first impression of a company and influence their next decision to work with that particular company.

How to Incorporate Interior Branding Into Interior Design

Custom wall signs are the most effective way to share your brand identity.

Companies should consider colors, textures, and overall aesthetics of their interior spaces, whether an office space or other sections of a business. They should also consider how they can match the interior décor to their brand image. This may be done through furniture selection, wall painting, and most importantly, through wall signage that is customized to match your brand. It is most important to rely on customized interior branding to fully realize your brand’s identity in a physical space.

What Are Some Examples of Interior Branding?

Some of the most impactful examples of interior branding solutions include logo signs, custom wayfinding signs, wall murals or other decorative wall signs, custom branded graphics, and other types of signage that you may commonly find in the interior of a workplace.

If you are interested in learning more about wall signs or other types of interior signs, please feel free to contact us directly or submit a request for a custom quote, and we will be happy to help you.

Suite Signs That Carry Brand Signatures

Park center monument sign

Office suite signs are the perfect signs to accentuate brand signatures and ensure your brand placement is on point as you try to make your company as professional-looking as it can be. There are a few characteristics to suite signs that can make your brand stand out in the best possible way to try and attract customers who will want to stay loyal to the products and services that you’re offering. 

What are the characteristics of important office suite signs that you’re looking to implement in your commercial building to make it as accommodating as possible to your customers while also displaying your company’s best elements? 

These are the Key Characteristics of Important Office Suite Signs 

Your important office suite signs should be easy enough to read while also having some aesthetic appeals so that people clearly see the point you’re trying to make with your signs. The office suite signs that you use in your commercial building should be small and elegant panel suite identifying signs.

A strategically placed office logo sign

Not only should the signs be fitting as far as size and looks, but they should also be as inclusive as possible, so people from all walks of life feel comfortable. You should consider including braille or other ADA elements for inclusion. And, the signs should also promote accessibility, so people with disabilities feel comfortable on your premises. 

How to Brand Your Suite Signs 

Ensure that your brand is represented through every element of the signs that you’re using. Make sure that you use a signature font in your writing, colors to make the writing look more profound, as well as shapes so that they maintain a balance of aesthetic elegance and clarity. With the right features and materials, you will have signs that will attract the types of customers you’re looking to welcome into your brand. 

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World-Class Signage Solutions in Golden, Colorado 

World-Class Signage Solutions in Golden, Colorado 

Since 2007, Precision Sign Company has been delivering premium signage solutions with the highest standards in quality for small, medium, and large size businesses in Colorado. All of our team is highly qualified in their area of expertise, and we can work on the most challenging signage projects. At the same time, we offer the accessibility and friendliness of a small business.

Since our customers are a valuable asset, we will always use top of the line materials and high-end technology in all of our signage products. Under no circumstances will we sacrifice quality to lower cost, for us quality its a must. 

Experience and Quality at Your Service 

From the very first time you contact us, to the moment we deliver the final product, our expert staff will continuously communicate with you and will help you with the design, manufacturing, and installation process, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We are here to maximize your business opportunities with smart signage products that will create a positive impression and attract your targeted audience to become your customers. Let us become your trusted graphics design company, and let’s work together as a team to combine our knowledge with your ideas to create compelling advertising solutions. 

One-Stop Graphics Design Shop

Your One-Stop Graphics Design Shop

We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our company and all the signage products and services that we offer. Contact us today so we can get started boosting your company and take it to the next level, helping you to stand out and overcome your competitors. Our customer care representatives are ready to receive all the concerns you have about your project, giving you a free estimate based on your business needs.  

4 Reasons to Choose Us for Your Company’s Custom Signs

Custom Signs

Make a Smart Investment, Choose Precision Sign Company 

In many cases, your business signs are the first contact that your targeted audience will have with your company. That is why it is crucial to choose the right signage company to design, manufacture, and install your commercial signs to guarantee that you are going to create a positive impression, increasing your business income. Here are four reasons why you should choose Precision Sign Company for your custom signs.


A high-quality sign reflects a good quality business, and we will never compromise quality to lower costs. We provide the highest quality signage products for any purpose, and you can rest assured that investing in a premium sign is useful, and creates a positive impression for the viewer. 


Experience is the name of our game. We have more than 12 years of experience in the graphics design industry, and we know what the latest trends are in the market and what works best for our customers, depending on their business activity and needs. We are experienced across the board, from sales, to design, to production, to installation we know how to get things done professionally and effectively. 

Customer Service 

Our customers are our number one priority, and we provide unparalleled customer service based on integrity, honesty, respect, excellent communication, and customer satisfaction. From the moment that we meet with you to the moment that we deliver your custom signs, you will become our most valuable asset, and we will work hard to exceed your expectations. 


Whether you bring your design or need help from our professional designers to create one, we are ready to work with you as a team to make a powerful marketing tool out of your business signs.

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When Talking About Signage Solutions in Colorado, We Are Simply the Best!!!

Now that you know why we are the best choice for your business signs, we encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our signage solutions. Contact us so we can give you a free quote and start planning your next signage project in Colorado. We are sure that we have what it takes to handle all of your business signage needs.

Blade Signs

Blade Signs

Extremely effective to catch pedestrians’ attention, Blade Signs are perfect for commercial and way-finding purposes.

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