Consider a Versatile Sign Such as a Wall Sign. Get Your Point Across

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An important part of running a store or office is making sure that your company is presented properly. Anyone who walks into your building is going to be using everything they see as small pieces of intel that they then base their opinion of your company on.

Therefore, if you fail to make much of an impression with your lobby and sales floor area, then this will be reflected in customer’s opinions of your establishment. That is why you need to do whatever you can to spruce up the place, which should involve getting a custom wall sign for your business.

Makes Branding Obvious

While a lot of businesses use outside signs in order to let others know what kind of business they are, you can’t let this messaging completely disappear once the person steps inside. The most important about successful branding is having consistency, which is where a wall sign would come in handy.

Sachi Sushi 3D letter sign
Using a 3D wall sign can draw attention to it even more.

By placing a few custom-designed signs around the lobby or sales floor, you help ensure that your logo and company name are being imprinted on the brain of everyone who comes into your building.

Old Signs Reflect Poorly on Your Business

If you have a wall sign but haven’t updated it within the last decade, then it could be actively hurting your business. This is because an old and worn wall sign can make people see your company as being outdated or not properly maintained. That is why you need to take this opportunity to use some custom-designed signs as a replacement for any old signs you might have.

Make the most out of your business by choosing to get your very own wall sign today. And ensure it is of the highest quality by contacting us at Precision Sign Company and getting your free quote.

A Well Manufactured Sign Takes Time, Understand Our Process

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When you are interested in getting some custom signage for your business, you want the final product to be something truly impressive. But in order for this to happen, it is going to take some time, even for a vastly experienced sign manufacturer. This is because there is a lot of work that goes into creating some truly stunning custom signage.

Choose Compelling Colors

Picking the colors for your 3D signs isn’t something that can be done by blindly pointing to a giant color wheel. It takes a lot of careful thought and strategic planning in order to come up with something that will be able to grab a person’s attention without being too jarring. It also needs to blend nicely with the existing colors of the company since consistency is crucial in branding.

The timeframe to create stunning custom signage will vary depending on several factors like size and type of sign.

Establish Some Contrast

The last thing you want are some gorgeous blade cut signs that are nearly impossible to read from more than 10 feet away. That is why you will also need to have a fair amount of contrast within your sign. This will make it much easier to read, especially if there is a fair amount of text on the custom signage.

Large But Simple

Generally speaking, the bigger the better when it comes to 3D signs. This will help make them stand out more and be easily read even from great distances. But just because a sign is large doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated. In fact, the best performing custom signage is often the ones that have a relatively simple design since they do not overwhelm your customers.

By combining all of these elements, you should end up with some truly impressive custom signage. To get started on making your very own commercial signs, make sure to contact us at Precision Sign Company

Learn to Utilize Your New Sign to Increase Customer Relations

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Custom signage can be a very valuable tool in business but only if you know how to properly use it. That is why you need to know these tips on how to effectively utilize your exterior or interior signs to increase your customer relations.

Put Your Logo First and Foremost

Having an eye-catching sign that speaks directly to your audience is obviously important. However, it is only going to be useful if the customers know whose sign it is.

Monte Bello Gardens Sign
In order to be effective, signs need to be eye-catching.

If they enjoy your vinyl signs but are unable to see your small logo printed in a tiny font on the bottom corner, then it will not give your business any benefits. So you need to make sure that people are able to know whose sign it is by putting your logo or company name in a spot that is easy to see and make it large enough that someone can read it from a reasonable distance.

Put the Signs Where People Can Find Them

In order to be of any use to your business, your custom signage needs to be seen by a lot of people. Therefore, you’re going to want to make sure that you put your signs in a spot where they are going to get a lot of foot traffic. This will give you the best chances or achieving a higher ROI for your vinyl signs.

Pick an Experienced Sign Company

In order to successfully improve your customer relation, you are going to need some interior signs that are of the highest quality. That is why you should pick a custom signage company with a proven process that creates impressive signs that are practically guaranteed to bring you positive results.

Make sure that you are getting the most effective custom signage possible by contacting our team of professionals at Precision Sign Company and getting your free quote today.

Get to Know Your Reliable Signage Provider

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When you need to have some new custom signs made for your business, this is not something that you just entrust to anyone. Therefore, you need to find a company that has a history of making exquisite 2D and 3D signage for a wide range of businesses. And if this is what you are looking for, then go ahead and contact us right away. In the meantime, here are some helpful insights to prove we are the right company to handle making whatever signs you need.

Why a High-Quality Sign is Important

In many cases, your signs are the first exposure that a customer will have to your business as they either walk around town or drive by on their way to work. Therefore, you need to make sure that these custom signs exemplify everything your company stands for and is made at the highest quality. Otherwise, you could end up losing a large number of clients on a regular basis without even realizing it.

Community Health Center monument sign
The location of the custom signs plays a big role in their design.

3 Steps to Understand the Right Sign for Your Business

In order to determine what the perfect signs are for your business, you need to go through this three-step process. The first step involves identifying the nature of your business. If you run a very formal company, then have some funky multi-colored 3D signage is likely not the right choice.

The second step of this process involves choosing some signs that can withstand whatever elements they will likely be exposed to. An interior sign can be made of much more vulnerable materials to achieve a certain look. However, outdoor signs need to be made with very durable materials.

The last step is choosing the type of precision computer-cut lettering that your 3D signage needs. A good company will offer countless options in fonts, colors, and sizes.

We can help you with all of this and more at Precision Sign Company. So to find out more about who we are and how we can help you create the perfect custom signs, check out our About Us section.

Could Your Company Benefit from a Ground & Monument Sign?

The sign outside your business’s door should not be a decision that you take lightly. Often, this is the first impression that potential customers will receive of your company and you must make sure it is strong. As you choose your company’s sign, there are many options to consider. One popular sign type that may be ideal for your business and location is a monument sign. Here are a few differences between a monument sign and other types to consider.


A monument sign is a sign that is low to the ground. This type of sign stands on its own, without a pole. A ground sign, also known as a monument sign, is not tall and is not attached to the building, which is common with other sign types.

Ground signs are low to the ground and can have bricks, stone, or other elements around them.


Occasionally, ground signs have bricks and other elements that not only help enhance the durability and stability of the sign but enhance its aesthetic appeal as well. You can have fun and be creative with the masonry around your sign. A few popular options include bricks, stone, and stucco.


Similar to other types of signs, you can customize and design a monument sign so it has the messaging and layout that you desire. You can be bold and choose a design for your ground sign that is unique and impressive. As you customize a ground sign, you can create unique shapes of the sign, add logos and brand names, add color, etc.

Additionally, as you consider the customization options for your ground sign, consider how you wish to illuminate the sign. In some cases, you may not want your sign to light up. Instead, you may choose to place small spotlights on the ground nearby.

If you are interested in a ground and monument sign or are looking for custom signs for your business, contact Precision Sign Company in Golden, Colorado, or check out our blog for more information. With our high-quality signs, we can help your business get noticed!

Understanding Flat Cut Out Letters and Why They Are So Popular

Special Olympics Wall Signage

When a customer or even an employee pulls up to a plain building that lacks any discernible signage, this is not something that inspires confidence. Therefore, you are going to need some sort of lettering to hang on the front of the building to help make it clear what company you are and lets others know that you are a big believer in professionalism.

But the question is what kind of lettering should you choose? The answer to this question will almost always be flat cut out letters. For anyone who does not know much about this versatile lettering or why they are so popular, here is a short guide helping to explain the reasoning behind it.

flat cut out letters
Flat cut out letters to improve the visibility and professionalism of your business.

What Are Flat Cut Out Letters?

Let’s start off by clarifying what this type of lettering is. Flat cut out letters are created by tracing either letters or numbers in a large flat sheet of some kind of material like aluminum or brass metal. These newly cut letters and numbers are then able to be arranged in any order and attached to a building to serve as some professional signage.

Why They Are So Popular?

By far the biggest reason why flat cut out letters are so popular is that they have an unprecedented amount of customization available. Not only can you get these custom signs manufactured in many different sizes, but there are also the options to have them made out of many different materials as well. Some of the most common materials that you can order include metal, plastic, acrylic, and more. Plus, you also have the ability to hang these letters both indoors and outdoor environments thanks to their versatility.

If you are interested in getting your own set of flat cut out letters for your business, then make sure to request a quote from Precision Sign Company, your local professional sign company.

Reasons to Make Sure Your Signage Company Understands Your Needs

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A custom sign is a powerful marketing tool. However, for it to be effective, your sign must be created well. It is important that the signage company you work with understands the purpose of the sign and the information you want to display. This will help to determine the best type, design, and other features that you need.

Here are three reasons you must improve your current sign and why you should always work with a signage company to provide ample information.

1. It Increases Your Client Traffic

When the right information is displayed and it is easy-to-read, illuminated, and simple, it attracts potential clients. it catches their eye and makes them want to learn more about your business. This helps to increase your list of potential clients.

Community Health Center monument sign
The right sign can make a strong first impression.

2. It Provides a Strong First Impression

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Your clients will begin evaluating your business the minute they pull up to your business building. With the right modern signage, you can make that strong impression that will make them anxious to get inside your doors and work with you.

3. You Can Better Narrow Down Your Options

There are countless custom signs available and it can be a challenge to determine your needs. When your signage company understands what you need, they can better direct you to the right product. For example, channel letter signs may be ideal for your situation or blade cut signs may be best. When working with professionals, they can answer your questions and provide you with many options to help you determine the best size, color, shape, material, etc.

At Precision Sign Company, we want to help you have the sign you need and want. Browse our website to learn more about our signage solutions. Contact us today to receive your free quote and to begin designing your custom sign.

Channel Letters Effectiveness Depends on Creative Design

Choosing the right sign for your business, event, or activity is important. Unfortunately, many individuals do not understand the difference between each option and what they really need and want. As you explore different styles, a channel letter sign should be at the top of your list.

What is a Channel Letter Sign?

A channel letter sign is a three-dimensional sign. It uses letters made from acrylic, LED, aluminum, or other materials. These signs are ideal for many businesses, particularly when placing signs on building exteriors or on commercial buildings. They are large and can be easily seen at night, making them effective and versatile.

channel letters
Channel letters are an effective signage option.

How to Improve Channel Letters Effectiveness

There are many options available when it comes to channel letters so you can unleash your creativity. You will want to work with a professional commercial signage company to ensure you have a variety of options and that you receive expert help from the design process to the installation.

As you consider the effectiveness of your sign, there are several factors you want to keep in mind. These include:

  • Color of the letters
  • Size of the sign including each letter
  • The shape of the letters
  • Installation process
  • How the letters will be illuminated

To ensure your customized sign is effective, it is important that you consider all of the above factors. With so many channel letter styles available, there are many options and you must play around with different ideas and designs until you find something that you truly love and matches your brand’s style.

Nothing says creativity like a channel letter sign. At Precision Sign Company, we have all you need to create customized signs. Browse our website to learn more about our signage solutions. Contact us today to receive your free quote and to begin designing your next channel letter sign.

Blade Signs and Why They Have Stuck Around

Blade Signs

Blade signs are historically popular and an excellent way to provide exposure to your company´s storefront, also for wayfinding purposes. Blade Signage, installed for interior and exterior uses, are also manufactured with illuminated and non-illuminated systems.

Blade signs are usually mounted to a wall, column, or pole perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic, working very well in crowded areas with lots of passing people.  This type of signage can be crafted in any shape, size, and are available in a wide range of materials and finishes. Today we want to write about four benefits of advertising with custom-made blade signs. 

4 Reasons Why Blade Signs Are One of the Preferred Signage Methods in the Market 


If you have blade signs designed, manufactured, and installed by a professional graphics design company like Precision Signs with highly qualified designers, you will have a lovely product and captivate your targeted audience’s attention. As a result, your signs can encourage them to become your customers. 

Custom-made blade signs


If your business location is where there is a lot of foot traffic, like a shopping mall, airport, sports facilities, or other crowded areas, custom-made blade signs are handy. They will make your brand visible, attracting new customers to your company. 


Custom blade signs complement very well with other signage products like windows graphics or murals. That is a great advantage for several businesses like restaurants and other shops that are in crowded areas. 

Brand Awareness

Being able to stand out and make your brand visible is crucial for business success. Blade signs are perfect for letting people know the location of your business. Also, custom-made blade signs will add elegance to your company’s storefront, creating a positive impact on your brand.

Three Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider Architectural Signage

Architectural Signage

Elegant Architectural Signs for Your Business 

Architectural signs are a stylish and distinguished way to present your company brand and advertise your products and services. Architectural signs commonly are used on building storefronts, but you can find custom-made architectural signs both outdoors and indoors. 

Our custom designed architectural signage can be made virtually with any material, and carefully built to satisfy your particular needs while enhancing your building and its surroundings. We have all the experience, resources, and qualified staff to create any architectural sign for your business needs. Here are three reasons why you should design and install a high-quality architectural sign in your company’s location. 


Architectural signs are one of the preferred signage methods to create brand awareness by many business owners around the world. This type of signage is great for adding your company logo, and because it is an exquisite custom sign, it will create a positive impression and brand recognition. 

Custom Designed Architectural Sign


If designed, manufactured, and installed by a professional graphics design company like Precision Signs that uses only high-end technology and premium quality materials, your architectural sign will be a compelling and attractive marketing method. It will stand out and attract your targeted audience’s attention. Illuminating your architectural signs, which makes them even more beautiful, will allow your custom-made signs to be visible 24 hours a day. 


As stated before, architectural signs are attractive and a smart way to create brand recognition, which makes it one of the most cost-effective signage solutions in the market. Also, when made by our signage company, it will be manufactured with the highest standards in quality and last for many years.