Design a Commercial Real Estate Sign to Boost Sales

When it comes to commercial real estate, the quality of your signs is a huge contributor to the strength and frequency of your sales. These are the signs that not only direct active home buyers but attract potential home buyers as well. In addition to advertising an individual property, these commercial real estate signs also advertise a realtor’s personal brand.

Designing a Commercial Real Estate Sign that Increases Sales

commercial real estate
Don’t forget about branding when it comes to your commercial real estate sign.

Well-executed real estate signs are excellent at two things: promoting a property and showcasing a realtor. Both of these features are integral to the quality of one’s sales. By effectively communicating your brand as a real estate agent, you can interact with potential buyers in a much stronger way. The strength of these connections can then positively impact the impressions you make on new customers. Better impressions mean a stronger brand, which means more clients. If done correctly, a successful commercial real estate sign could significantly impact your sales numbers in a positive way. But how do you design the ideal commercial real estate sign?

Creating a Cohesive Design and Message

Cohesion is one of the most important factors when it comes to sign design. That is because a cohesive sign design and message can often translate more easily to other sign types and marketing tools – increasing the efficacy of your branding as a whole. These can include “For Sale” signs, billboards, bench-ads, open house signs, and much more. The more repetitive your message and brand identity are, the more effective they will be. Repetition, however, does not mean boring.

When creating your first real estate signs, it helps to start out with simpler mediums like “For Sale” and “Open House” signs. From there, you can select the style that best reflects your personality (like a classic wooden post, for instance). Then you should state the express purpose of your sign and then incorporate the appropriate branding materials (colors, logos, font, etc.).

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Great Reception Logo Signs to Boost Brand Awareness

channel letters

How you represent your brand in interior environments should reflect how you brand your exterior storefront. Most businesses forget to take advantage of indoor signs because, at first, they can sometimes seem unnecessary. ‘Why do I need a sign for visitors who already entered my store?’ The reason for this is that indoor signs can offer a variety of auxiliary uses that complement not only your branding, but also your customer experience. Below is a breakdown of how your business can best utilize a reception logo sign to boost brand awareness in interior environments.

Reception Area Should Reflect Your Storefront

The open architectural space within your office is the perfect opportunity to naturally express your brand identity with a reception logo sign.

No matter the size or scale of your business, your branding efforts should be consistent across all your buildings and materials. That includes indoor spaces as well as outdoor spaces. Effective reception logo signs can help reinforce your branding efforts while also decorating and filling the space. These signs can also complement your exterior signs in different ways. While your exterior pole sign, for example, is bright and colorful, your interior logo sign could be a modern silhouette with minimal colors. So, how does one go about creating a reception logo sign that is attention-grabbing, stylish, and in-tune with their exterior signs?

Reception Logo Sign Design Process

The first thing to consider when developing a reception logo sign is the size. The sign proportions should take into account the dimensions of the wall as well as the proximity to the front entrance. These distances can play a huge role in how well your sign is received. Consistency is really important when it comes to indoor logo signs. The more consistent you are in terms of design choices, the more impactful your logo sign will be when it comes to overall brand recognition.

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The Commercial Benefits of Pole Signs for Small Out of the Way Businesses

EMC Sign

Why does any business incorporate a sign? To increase visibility, increase exposure, and increase customer traffic. One of the best ways to influence the success of these outcomes is by choosing the correct sign type for your business. While many companies will often lean towards more traditional signs, such as storefront signs, these are less effective for drawing new customers who wouldn’t normally be near your business. One of the most reliable sign types a business can use to achieve their visibility and customer goals is to install a pole sign.

Pole Signs: The Ultimate Visibility Tool for Your Business

Digital signage
This is one of the many types of pole signs Precision Sign Company can make for you.

Pole signs are one of the most effective sign strategies for increasing a business’s overall visibility and customer exposure. The reason for this is the combination of height and visuals a pole sign provides is extremely effective in low pedestrian traffic areas. For urban businesses, blade signs are often a great visibility tool for garnering the attention of local foot traffic. But for more rural businesses, the most popular form of customer traffic is local drivers. Pole signs that are positioned next to busy roads are often the most effective location for maximizing consumer visibility.

The Best Sign Option for Small Businesses

Pole signs are also extremely cost-effective, particularly for small businesses. Based on the cost of certain advertising channels, many small businesses struggle to afford the means to properly promote their business. A pole sign is a great way to overcome the challenges of low foot traffic and hidden storefronts by placing a dynamic sign right in its way. Some businesses will also add EMCs to their pole signs to increase the sign’s visibility and dynamism.

So, you want to install a pole sign for your business, but how do you do it? With the Precision Sign Company, you can receive high-quality signs at a great price. Contact us and get a quote on a pole sign today.


The Key to a Successful Sign Design Process

Unique sign design

The key to having a successful sign design is having a success-oriented sign design process. An effective sign design process means you are able to execute goals and objectives, achieve desired outcomes, and do so with little to no resistance or complication. Sometimes that means hiring professional assistance to help guide your designs, your approach, and, most importantly, your process.

Sign Design First, Then Project Permits

The first piece to the sign creation puzzle is the design. This is also one of the most important stages of the process as a whole. The design determines the concept, sign type, material, colors, etc., which directly affect how consumers interact with your brand and business. Sign design is an area where experience can mean the difference between product success and failure.

Skilled sign manufacturer
A Precision Sign Company technician using their years of manufacturing experience to create a client design.

Once the design has been chosen, it is important to determine the permitting for the project. After all, if local legislation prevents you from displaying your sign in a given location, then it is best to know before you begin manufacturing. This is typically one of the most overlooked steps in the sign creation process and where most amateurs make their mistakes.

Manufacturing and Installation

After you have acquired the necessary permits to display your sign of choice, it is time to start building it. Signs can vary drastically in terms of materials, styles, and construction methods. That is why it is crucial to have an experienced team that can troubleshoot when obstacles arise.

Finally, once the sign is complete, you can install the sign. More often than not, this is easier said than done. Some signs will need to be hung up high on a façade. In that case, CDL drivers will need to be hired to operate the necessary trucks, cranes, and mechanical equipment. It is best to plan for these steps far in advance.

Trying to create your own sign design process is difficult if you have no prior industry experience or knowledge. That is why Precision Sign Company is here to help. Contact us today to receive a quote on our signature sign approach.


Making Flat Lettering for Interior Signage Dynamic

Cielo Leasing Unique Custom Sign

Size isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to sign design. An effective sign can take all sorts of shapes, sizes, and volumes. Not all signs need big channel letters or deep three-dimensional styles. Sometimes flat lettering can be just as effective.

The Benefits of Flat Lettering

Special Olympics Wall Signage
The last thing you want is flat-letter signage that doesn’t draw attention.

The greatest benefit of flat-cut letter signs is their versatility. More often than not, deciding on a unique sign style can be very challenging. And thinking outside of the box could threaten the efficacy of your sign if the design doesn’t match the building or the business. In that case, there’s nothing wrong with going with the most reliable option available; flat lettering. Flat-cut letter signs are one of the most adaptable signs available. The design flexibility that these signs provide is part of what makes them so reliable – and so popular. These flat lettering masterpieces come in all kinds of materials, colors, and finishes, and can be formed into any silhouette shape. The best part is that they can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments with little adjustment.

Design Tips for Dynamic Flat Lettering

The last thing you would want is for your flat-cut letter design to fall flat. An easy way to do that is to give your flat a little more volume. By giving the letters a little bit of three-dimensional extension, you can create a depth in lighting and colors that are extremely dynamic. This slightly un-flat style utilizes shadows to develop a contrast that provides a much more inviting texture than regular signs. How much volume you choose to add can alter how your sign looks and feels. The amount of creative options keeps this medium exciting and engaging for all types of consumers.

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Using Architecture and Landscape to Design Effective, Outdoor Monument Signs

Monument signage for Monte Bello Gardens

Designing an effective sign means engaging customers through a cohesive style. That style can change depending on the company, location, and environment. A sign that incorporates naturally influenced architecture can possess a greater weight and feeling than other signs, especially for companies looking to build an outdoor sign that reflects their business. If you want an outdoor sign that incorporates landscape architecture, then a monument sign may be just the thing for you.

What is a Monument Sign?

Monument signs are low to the ground and can have bricks, stone, or other elements around them.

A monument sign is a sign that connects your company identity with outdoor promotion. Outdoor signs can often lose some of their attention based on the saturation of stimuli consumers are faced with on a daily basis. These signs, if uninspired, could become invisible. A monument sign is an outdoor sign that is situated separately from a building. It is often positioned on a lawn or entranceway and can incorporate landscape inspired architecture. While a monument sign serves the purpose of regular signage, it can also act as its own individual art piece.

How to Design an Effective Monument Sign

For a monument sign to transition into art, it needs to blend in with its surrounding environment. As the monument sign reflects the design of the company, it should also compliment the landscape it is a part of. To design an effective monument sign, you should approach it like an architect building a sculpture. What materials, shape, and size would be the most cohesive? Which style and color combination will best suit the landscape?

As important as it is for monument signs to complement their environment, it is equally important for them to stand out and garner attention.

To construct a monument sign that is as much art as it is an attention-grabbing vehicle, you need an expert. Click here to get a free quote today from Precision Sign Company.

How to Use Channel Lettering to Make Your Storefront More Striking

Sachi Sushi 3D letter sign

A flat façade can be an uninspiring aesthetic for profit-maximizing businesses. Fortunately, large, empty walls are the perfect canvas for vibrant channel lettering. Unlike regular exterior signs, each letter is isolated in a channel letter sign. These 3-dimensional letters produce an eye-catching effect that stands out on almost any interior or exterior surface.

What is Channel Lettering?

As mentioned above, these are signs composing of individual 3D letters that can be used in both interior and exterior settings. These types of signs are usually fabricated using materials such as aluminum, acrylic, and LED or neon lighting. While these signs can be used anywhere, they are most commonly seen on the outside of buildings, either directly on the façade or on top of the building itself.

Exterior example of effective channel lettering on a blank building.

A benefit of using channel letters is that it is easier to make larger signs. Because each letter is essentially its own unit or mini sign, you can make the word or brand name larger than an individual sign. This is another reason why channel letter signs are commonly used on and around buildings.

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Channel Lettering

The key to maximizing the efficacy of your channel lettering is size. Choosing an optimal font size is imperative when it comes to both readability and attractiveness. If the letters are too small, it may be difficult to read, which will dramatically reduce your customer traffic as well as your brand recognition. Similarly, if the letters are too large, it may seem unnatural and conflict with your company’s existing style. Remember, any choice you make with regards to channel lettering should be consistent with your brand image.

Trying to balance all of these factors can be extremely difficult for a business with little to no experience in sign creation. Fortunately, Precision Sign Company is here to help you with all your channel lettering needs. To learn more about our services, or get a quote, contact us today.

Get a Classic Blade Sign to Catch the Eye of Pedestrians

Custom-made blade signs

There’s no better way to advertise and decorate your storefront than with a blade sign. These types of signs are excellent for brick-and-mortar businesses that are located in areas with high pedestrian traffic. These signs capture the individual’s attention and allow them to see the store ahead of time. This is because blade signs are installed perpendicularly to the building.

Characteristics of a Blade Sign

The perpendicular positioning means that a passerby doesn’t have to constantly be turning their head towards storefronts as they walk. In fact, it means that pedestrians can identify the shop from a distance and have the time to consider whether or not they will go in. This is one of the many reasons why blade signs have been a popular storefront sign for so many years. They are a great way to identify your business to strangers while also attracting them to your business. It’s a win-win.

Modern blade signs can be customized to your brand.
Custom signage will refresh the look of your business.

These signs are also extremely versatile and come in a variety of styles. You can have both interior and exterior blade signs as well as those that are illuminated and non-illuminated. If you’re looking for a blade sign for your business, you have a lot of customization options.

How to Customize Your Blade Sign

Customizing your sign sounds like a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. There are great custom sign companies that offer design, manufacturing, and installation services. If you don’t have experience making or creating signs, you shouldn’t try to force it. Using a sign company, you should customize the size, shape, material, layout, and design at professional quality.

Fortunately, finding a custom sign manufacturer is just as easy. At the Precision Sign Company, you can receive custom sign solutions for any project or business. Contact us today to get a quote on any of our services.

Best Types of Signage for Your Retail Store

Blade signs are a historical and effective mode of advertisement.

Deciding which sign you want can sometimes be more important than the content itself. There are many different types of signs to choose from when it comes to displaying your storefront. Signs can even be used inside for communicating directions and information to your consumers. For your retail store to increase traffic and close sales, you need to incorporate signs. But which one is right for you?

Indoor and Outdoor Signage for Retail Stores

Unlike other businesses, retail signage doesn’t have to be limited to outdoor signs. Many retailers use a combination of interior and exterior signs to attract customers while informing them of in-store services.

If a retailer is located on a street with a lot of foot traffic, they may opt for a blade sign that is perpendicular to the building. This places the content of the sign directly in the path of the viewer and makes the content that much more effective. Similarly, these retailers also include indoor signs. These typically indicate to customers where different sections of the store are or which services are where. For example, the most common use of indoor signs is to indicate which booth offers customer service.

channel letters
Channel letters are an effective indoor sign option.

Wayfinding, Informational, and Bold Signage for Retail

Most indoor signs, however, require more specifications than just your standard customer service sign. Many have a directional or wayfinding purpose that directs consumers to “Women’s Clothes on the Second Floor.” Such signs will have to be customized for a particular retailer or a particular location.

The goal of signage should be for consumers to find your business, find the product they want, and purchase the item without additional in-person guidance. Custom signage is the best way to create bold signs that informs your consumer.

If you are interested in upgrading your business with a custom sign, contact us at the Precision Sign Company today, and start making your dream store your real store.

Benefits of EMC and Digital Signage Over Traditional Signage

EMC Sign

Everything is going digital, including your signs. For many businesses, traditional signage is thought to be a better investment than its digital counterparts. Static signs require a smaller initial investment and even less maintenance than digital signs. But that’s where the preference for static signs stop. Digital signage provides its businesses with adaptable signs that grab consumer attention at all hours of the day – especially at night.

Digital Signage (EMC) is More Eye-catching and Has a Further Reach Than Static Signage

Unlike static signs, digital signage uses dynamic lighting and movement to attract the attention of its viewers. Digital signage, or EMC signs, can provide transitions and animation that immediately grab the attention of those passing by. Static signs provide no incentive for viewership and can often get lost in the sea of competitor signs. Similarly, these signs can be adjusted on-the-fly to meet the business’s target audience.

Consumer bases are constantly changing. Changing with them is a huge advantage for a business and will save you tons of money in replacement costs. These Electronic Messaging Centers can also be quite personal. They can provide support for local initiatives or communicate a business’s response to daily news. This emotional connection is much more valuable than that of digital signage.

Digital signage
This is one of the many types of EMC signs Precision Sign Company can make for you.

Digital Signage is Versatile and More Cost-Effective

Contrary to popular belief, digital signs are actually the more cost-effective signage. The LEDs used in EMCs and digital signs can last for almost 10 years. That means almost no bulb replacement is required. Similarly, not having to replace your sign based on consumer appeal means you can use your digital sign for years – even decades – to come.

Digital signs are the best investment for a small, local business. They have a great return on investment, are energy efficient, and require almost no maintenance. If you are curious about upgrading your business with a digital sign, contact us at Precision Sign Company today.