Include Tactile Element in ADA Signs

Installing ADA signs that complies with ADA standards is a critical corporate responsibility. Not only is it a legal requirement, but carefully installed ADA compliance signage also leads to the formation of a welcome and safe atmosphere for all visitors.

Businesses must ensure that all permanent rooms and areas are equipped with ADA-compliant signage. Even though an ADA sign is not strictly necessary, management should still aim to make spaces accessible for everyone in good faith.

Essential Design Requirements for ADA Signs

  • Skilled sign manufacturer
    All ADA-compliant signage must have braille below the text.

    All ADA-compliant signage must have braille below the text. There must be braille dots (1.5 to 1.6 mm diameter) and spherical or dome-shaped dots (between 0.6 to 0.9 mm high).

  • Tactile letters must be capitalized and in uppercase in a sans-serif font. All raised text should have smooth edges and the required space between characters (1/8th of an inch).
  • Characters and symbols should contrast with the sign backdrop to ensure visibility. Most ADA signs have a black background with bright text and logos with a 70% contrast ratio.
  • The backdrop and text on ADA-compliant signage must not reflect light or produce a glare, so those with visual impairments are able to read the relevant information more comfortably.

Why Include Braille and Tactile Elements? Where is it Essential?

The tactile characters on a raised print sign are designed to be read by touch. According to the ADA standards, braille is required on signs that designate a room, space, or area, while tactile is required on doors and openings that lead to public places.

The Final Cut

ADA signs don’t have to be boring. To successfully place ADA-compliant signs, it is critical to contact professionals familiar with the function and the aesthetics of signs. These specialists examine the flow of foot traffic to identify potential areas and then expand on those opportunities. Get in touch with a professional professional signs provider to transform your overall business interior.

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