To our valued customers:
All of us here at Precision Sign Company pray that you and your families are staying safe and hopeful during these uncertain times. Due to the unforeseen nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we, like all of you, are having to navigate through unchartered waters. We are already feeling the effects of this outbreak, and we anticipate that this is the beginning of a “new normal,” at least for a while.

With that being said, here is what you can expect from us in the foreseeable future:

First and foremost, WE ARE STAYING OPEN. We are committed to our customers and our employees, and until the federal and/or state government puts us on lock-down, our operation will continue to move ahead as planned.
We are closely monitoring the situation and heeding the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. We have asked employees who can work remotely to do so, and to the best of our ability, we are maintaining strict adherence to social distancing. Any employee who is experiencing any symptoms whatsoever has been mandated to stay home.
We are staying hopeful and optimistic. A lot of the messaging surrounding this outbreak has centered on doomsday scenarios and hyperbolic outcomes. We are taking this threat seriously, but we believe in the resiliency of not only our employees and our customers but of this great nation. These are precarious circumstances, no doubt, but we see no other choice but to forge ahead.

Here is what we ask of you:
Please limit in-person contact as much as possible. Until we are able to get a grasp on how this virus is transmitted, we would rather stay on the safe side of things both for our safety and yours. Given that we have asked some of the staff to work remotely, please note the following contact information for our sales reps:
Jennie Meeks ( – 720-341-9300
George Ott ( – 303-903-2576
Bill Stupansky ( – 303-550-9095

We are requiring that all accounts be reconciled AND a 50% down payment for any new or in-house projects BEFORE we continue manufacturing or installation. We are contacting any customers who this might affect, but please contact your sales rep to check on your account status.
For any jobs that are canceled, please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
We are doing our best to honor any commitments that we’ve made, but please also be flexible with changing dates and timelines. We are adjusting to new rhythms and processes dictated by the world around us. Again, please reach out to your sales rep if you have any concerns.

Bear with us through these times as we bear with you as well. We understand that this rapidly developing crisis has affected everyone, but we can and will get through this together. We are humans first, business people second. Let us know how we can help you and we will do everything in our power to do so.
Uncertainty is never a great situation in business, especially when that uncertainty is something we’ve never faced before. But, we have a choice to either press in during tough times or give up. We are committed to pressing in and weathering this storm, and we invite you to do the same with us. Most importantly, focus on the things that really matter -pray for us and for our country; call a loved-one; reconcile any long-standing disagreements; find a little joy each day and we will get through this together.

Your Precision Sign Company Family