Why You Should Choose a Reliable Signage Provider

Unique sign design

Using the right sign provider can make all the difference to your business or organization’s marketing and advertising campaign. There are many different factors you should consider when trying to find a company that can provide you with high-quality signage, including design, construction, delivery, and service. Here’s what you need to know about signage providers and why it’s important to choose one that offers a full range of services.

Your Company Deserves a Well-Designed Sign

Signs can have different purposes depending on your business, but one thing is for sure: if you have a brand or logo and you want to get your business noticed, remind customers of something you offer, or even direct people around your office building, then having a great sign for your brand can be an effective solution. Customers will see your custom sign and begin taking notice of all of your other marketing efforts.

Skilled sign manufacturer
A good sign provider has everything in-house to solve any signage requirement.

Three Seps to Create:

  1. Look at Your Company’s Signage: To make an investment in new business signs, it‚Äôs best to understand what you have right now and how they can be improved. The biggest step you can take toward great custom signs for your business is understanding how signage fits into your existing identity and branding strategy.
  2. Talk to Other Businesses About Their Signs: You may also want to talk to other local businesses about their signage. How do they feel about their current setup? What did they wish they had done differently? What would they change if given another chance? These questions can help you to determine your strategy.
  3. Find a Reputable Sign Provider: Once you know what makes sense for your company and brand, it will be much easier to find a reliable sign provider who understands exactly what you need from them.

Precision Signs: A Provider You Can Trust

When it comes to your business’s signage, you want a reliable, knowledgeable provider who can get things done. With over 14 years of experience in design and production, Precision Signs is here for you. We offer reliable products with competitive pricing and top-notch customer service. Contact us today for all your signage needs!



How to Build Brand Awareness With Custom Signs

Custom Signs

Every company wants to be seen and known for its unique products or services, but companies that build brand awareness with custom signs are often the most successful. If you want referral business from your existing customers and a recognizable brand for your company that is easy to identify, then you need to consider custom signs and how they may help your business.

Why Do You Need Custom Signs to Build Brand Awareness?

Red Channel letter signNearly every business has some form of competition. In most cases, there are many competing businesses offering similar products or services to that of your company. It is critical to build brand awareness with custom signs in order for your business to stand out from the competition and make it easy for customers to feel connected to your brand and want to build a relationship with your company.

Businesses that are memorable and easy to identify will always produce more repeat business and better referrals from their happy customers. If the customer experience is average, bland, or confusing, then customers are likely to forget your business the next time they need the products or services you offer. Brand visibility and brand recognition mean that you stay on customers’ minds and ensure that they are likely to return.

Essential Custom Signs to Build Brand Awareness

Some business signs are particularly effective for building brand awareness. Logo signs, monument signs, and other wall signs and window graphics are essential for highlighting your brand identity to prospective and repeat customers. At Precision Sign, we offer a wide range of exterior and interior branding solutions to help your company build brand awareness with custom signs.

If you are interested in learning more about ground & monument signs or other types of business signs, please visit the contact page on our website today.

Lighting Options for Custom Channel Letter Signs

Manning's steak sign

When you look at a custom channel letter sign, sometimes called building identification signs, most people immediately notice the size and shape of the letters. However, did you know there are several different ways to light them? And that your business needs and the type of lighting options available where your sign will be installed can make a big difference in visibility?  You may have already guessed that one of the most important considerations for lighting custom channel letter signs is what type of light will be most visible in the area where you want to install your sign. 

Determining the Best Lighting

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The black letters are a contrast to the white trim, and the new LED lighting allows for brighter lettering with less power.

If your business depends on visibility at night, then using neon or LED-illuminated sign might not be a good choice. If tall trees and bushes are blocking the sign, or if there is no lighting in the area, then you might want to consider an alternative option. And if your business is located near a major highway or a road where it could be easily seen from passing cars, then you will probably want to install a lighted channel letter sign. You have probably noticed that some custom channel letter signs are lit up in the back to make the surface of the letter black. 

Lighting Benefits

Lighting is a great way to make sure your custom channel letter signs stand out at night or are very visible during an outdoor event. If you decide on adding lighting to your custom channel letter signs, then there are many options available to you, from neon all the way to black.

Request a quote today and learn more about custom channel letter signs.

Interior Channel Letter Signs

If you‚Äôre a business owner looking for a great way to advertise your brand, interior channel letter signs are an incredible way to do so. They’re creative, versatile, and completely customizable.¬†

Why Signage?

Whether it’s for the exterior or interior of your building, this form of 3D signage can be used for a number of reasons. 

Architectural Signage

Channel letter signs are an effective form of marketing to increase brand awareness and bring in new customers. They make your business appear professional. If you include your unique branding and logo on the letter signs, it reminds every one of your customers or clients of who you are and what you do. 

Interior channel letter signs can mark important areas that are essential to your success as a business. They‚Äôre also crucial to enhance your customer‚Äôs experiences. Signage is always helpful to guide customers, clients, and visitors around a company’s building. This saves them searching around or asking a staff member where to go.¬†

Businesses in retail and hospitality can use interior channel letter signs for multiple areas within their properties. These areas include 

  • Dressing rooms¬†
  • Lobbies or reception areas¬†
  • Lift areas or stairs¬†
  • Cashier desks or till areas (Pay Here)¬†
  • Ordering areas (Order Here)¬†
  • Specific departments (Women’s, men’s, kids)¬†
  • Room numbers for hotels¬†

Know Your Options

Interior channel letter signs are a great way to make sure your customers and clients have a great experience while using your services or buying your products. When your visitors are happy and content with their time in your shop or office building, they are more likely to become returning customers. They are also likely to tell their friends and family about your brand. This can generate more leads and boost your sales. 

All of this just from using professional signage throughout your business! 

For channel letters for your business, request a quote from Precision Sign Company today.