Using Architecture and Landscape to Design Effective, Outdoor Monument Signs

Monument signage for Monte Bello Gardens

Designing an effective sign means engaging customers through a cohesive style. That style can change depending on the company, location, and environment. A sign that incorporates naturally influenced architecture can possess a greater weight and feeling than other signs, especially for companies looking to build an outdoor sign that reflects their business. If you want an outdoor sign that incorporates landscape architecture, then a monument sign may be just the thing for you.

What is a Monument Sign?

Monument signs are low to the ground and can have bricks, stone, or other elements around them.

A monument sign is a sign that connects your company identity with outdoor promotion. Outdoor signs can often lose some of their attention based on the saturation of stimuli consumers are faced with on a daily basis. These signs, if uninspired, could become invisible. A monument sign is an outdoor sign that is situated separately from a building. It is often positioned on a lawn or entranceway and can incorporate landscape inspired architecture. While a monument sign serves the purpose of regular signage, it can also act as its own individual art piece.

How to Design an Effective Monument Sign

For a monument sign to transition into art, it needs to blend in with its surrounding environment. As the monument sign reflects the design of the company, it should also compliment the landscape it is a part of. To design an effective monument sign, you should approach it like an architect building a sculpture. What materials, shape, and size would be the most cohesive? Which style and color combination will best suit the landscape?

As important as it is for monument signs to complement their environment, it is equally important for them to stand out and garner attention.

To construct a monument sign that is as much art as it is an attention-grabbing vehicle, you need an expert. Click here to get a free quote today from Precision Sign Company.

Make a Statement with Bold Outdoor Signage

Park center monument sign

When it comes to advertising your business, there are a lot of different avenues for you to explore. However, one of the best options is going to be having exterior signs. Not just any type of outdoor signage will do the trick. You’ll want to make sure that you go with the following bold, outdoor sign options.

Vibrant Color Scheme

An easy way to make any outdoor sign instantly more bold is to give it vibrant colors. If your business happens to have a brown exterior, then don’t get a matching brown sign that will just blend into the background. Instead, give it a sleek silver, white, or some other vibrant color. This will help it to stand out and get the attention of as many people as possible.

Plumb line services
A ground monument sign can easily stand out from the rest.

Monument Signs

In addition to using bold colors, you should also look into getting a monument sign. The reason why monument signs are such a good idea is the fact that they are able to easily get a person’s attention. By being ground signage, they are in the line of sight of any motorists or pedestrians and can be accentuated by greenery to help draw even more attention to it.

Plus, monument signs can be ordered in nearly any shape or size, which means that you can get as bold and creative with the design as you want. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shapes and colors until you land on an incredibly bold option that you love.

If your goal is to have the ultimate bold signage, then this is the way to do it. To help get started ordering your bold, exterior signage, make sure to contact our team of professionals at the Precision Sign Company today.

Could Your Company Benefit from a Ground & Monument Sign?

The sign outside your business’s door should not be a decision that you take lightly. Often, this is the first impression that potential customers will receive of your company and you must make sure it is strong. As you choose your company’s sign, there are many options to consider. One popular sign type that may be ideal for your business and location is a monument sign. Here are a few differences between a monument sign and other types to consider.


A monument sign is a sign that is low to the ground. This type of sign stands on its own, without a pole. A ground sign, also known as a monument sign, is not tall and is not attached to the building, which is common with other sign types.

Ground signs are low to the ground and can have bricks, stone, or other elements around them.


Occasionally, ground signs have bricks and other elements that not only help enhance the durability and stability of the sign but enhance its aesthetic appeal as well. You can have fun and be creative with the masonry around your sign. A few popular options include bricks, stone, and stucco.


Similar to other types of signs, you can customize and design a monument sign so it has the messaging and layout that you desire. You can be bold and choose a design for your ground sign that is unique and impressive. As you customize a ground sign, you can create unique shapes of the sign, add logos and brand names, add color, etc.

Additionally, as you consider the customization options for your ground sign, consider how you wish to illuminate the sign. In some cases, you may not want your sign to light up. Instead, you may choose to place small spotlights on the ground nearby.

If you are interested in a ground and monument sign or are looking for custom signs for your business, contact Precision Sign Company in Golden, Colorado, or check out our blog for more information. With our high-quality signs, we can help your business get noticed!