30 Things Every Store Front Business Needs to Know About Getting Signage for Their Business

It’s no secret that having a sign for your business is crucial for any store front. You want to make sure your customers can find you as easily as possible AND you want to attract new customers who might be passing by your store front.

Here are 30 things you need to keep in mind when figuring out what sort of sign will work best for you and what to think about before investing in signage for your business.

  1. The purpose and goals of your signage.
  2. Consider the location and visibility of your signs.
  3. Choose the appropriate materials for your signs.
  4. Use high-quality images and graphics in your signs.
  5. Use clear and legible font.
  6. Follow local zoning and permitting regulations.
  7. Consider the use of LED or electronic signs.
  8. Be aware of the costs associated with sign production and installation.
  9. Research sign companies and compare their pricing and services.
  10. The different types of signs available, such as monument, channel letters, and wayfinding signs.
  11. The different types of sign faces, such as flat cut-out, formed and illuminated.
  12. The different types of sign illumination options, such as neon, LED and flourescent.
  13. The different types of sign mounting options, such as pole, building, and monument.
  14. Choose a sign company that offers design services.
  15. Understand the importance of maintenance and repairs for your signs.
  16. Choose a sign company that offers a warranty on their signs.
  17. Professional installation for your signs.
  18. Permits and inspections for your signs.
  19. Sign permits and zoning regulations.
  20. Sign codes and regulations.
  21. Sign placement and location.
  22. Sign design and branding.
  23. Sign maintenance and repairs.
  24. Sign retrofitting and remodeling.
  25. Sign removal and disposal.
  26. Sign permitting and inspections.
  27. Sign lighting and illumination.
  28. Sign materials and durability.
  29. Sign safety and accessibility.
  30. Sign company’s reputation and references.

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The Key to a Successful Sign Design Process

Unique sign design

The key to having a successful sign design is having a success-oriented sign design process. An effective sign design process means you are able to execute goals and objectives, achieve desired outcomes, and do so with little to no resistance or complication. Sometimes that means hiring professional assistance to help guide your designs, your approach, and, most importantly, your process.

Sign Design First, Then Project Permits

The first piece to the sign creation puzzle is the design. This is also one of the most important stages of the process as a whole. The design determines the concept, sign type, material, colors, etc., which directly affect how consumers interact with your brand and business. Sign design is an area where experience can mean the difference between product success and failure.

Skilled sign manufacturer
A Precision Sign Company technician using their years of manufacturing experience to create a client design.

Once the design has been chosen, it is important to determine the permitting for the project. After all, if local legislation prevents you from displaying your sign in a given location, then it is best to know before you begin manufacturing. This is typically one of the most overlooked steps in the sign creation process and where most amateurs make their mistakes.

Manufacturing and Installation

After you have acquired the necessary permits to display your sign of choice, it is time to start building it. Signs can vary drastically in terms of materials, styles, and construction methods. That is why it is crucial to have an experienced team that can troubleshoot when obstacles arise.

Finally, once the sign is complete, you can install the sign. More often than not, this is easier said than done. Some signs will need to be hung up high on a façade. In that case, CDL drivers will need to be hired to operate the necessary trucks, cranes, and mechanical equipment. It is best to plan for these steps far in advance.

Trying to create your own sign design process is difficult if you have no prior industry experience or knowledge. That is why Precision Sign Company is here to help. Contact us today to receive a quote on our signature sign approach.