3 Key Factors In Creating A Great Sign Design

Simple signs can be extremely effective.

Are you a business owner that is struggling with creating the perfect sign? You are not alone. Many shops and service businesses often do not know how to make the best signs because they are not trained in graphic design or marketing. To get the best signs, you need to work with a company that has these skills. 

A sign has the potential to grab customers’ attention and catch the eye of people driving by. If you take the right steps and include key factors in your design, you can be sure that you will get noticed. Consider the following elements for signage design.

Designing Signs – Creative Process, Factors

Know your audience for the best signage.
Know your audience for the best signage.

One of the things to remember when designing any sign is that there is a creative process involved that can take time. Signage design is not the most straightforward task, so working with a professional is always recommended. Three factors you should never forget are:

  1. The environment where you sign is going to live. The setting significantly affects the target audience. If you live in a seniors’ retreat, you will want something large and readable. If you are on a school campus, you will need something modern and fresh. 
  2. Contrasting colors are essential to any sign, as you want your brand to stand out. If you have colors that all look the same, your brand may be lost in a mess. 
  3. Simplicity is key to any excellent custom signage. You want to ensure people understand what you are selling and aren’t confused by the sign’s complicated nature. 

Start by thinking about your audience and go from there. 

Go With Design Professionals That Offer A Full-Service Experience, Including Manufacturing

While you can try signage design for yourself, it will not be as effective as compared to working with a professional. When selecting a company to create your signs for you, you need to ensure that they perform all steps, including manufacturing. 

A company that manufactures custom signage will know which designs are best suited to the materials and equipment available to create it. 

Contact Precision Sign Company to work with the best in the business. 



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