Blade Signs and Why They Have Stuck Around

Blade Signs

Blade signs are historically popular and an excellent way to provide exposure to your company´s storefront, also for wayfinding purposes. Blade Signage, installed for interior and exterior uses, are also manufactured with illuminated and non-illuminated systems.

Blade signs are usually mounted to a wall, column, or pole perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic, working very well in crowded areas with lots of passing people.  This type of signage can be crafted in any shape, size, and are available in a wide range of materials and finishes. Today we want to write about four benefits of advertising with custom-made blade signs. 

4 Reasons Why Blade Signs Are One of the Preferred Signage Methods in the Market 


If you have blade signs designed, manufactured, and installed by a professional graphics design company like Precision Signs with highly qualified designers, you will have a lovely product and captivate your targeted audience’s attention. As a result, your signs can encourage them to become your customers. 

Custom-made blade signs


If your business location is where there is a lot of foot traffic, like a shopping mall, airport, sports facilities, or other crowded areas, custom-made blade signs are handy. They will make your brand visible, attracting new customers to your company. 


Custom blade signs complement very well with other signage products like windows graphics or murals. That is a great advantage for several businesses like restaurants and other shops that are in crowded areas. 

Brand Awareness

Being able to stand out and make your brand visible is crucial for business success. Blade signs are perfect for letting people know the location of your business. Also, custom-made blade signs will add elegance to your company’s storefront, creating a positive impact on your brand.

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