Blade Signs Add Flair to Your Business Site

Blade Signs

Blade signs are one of the most efficient ways to advertise your business and gain new customers. A well-designed blade sign can make your business stand out from the competition and help grow your company by reaching new clientele who may not have otherwise heard about you. Blade signs are also very affordable, unlike other forms of advertising such as radio or TV commercials, and they are easy to maintain and replace in case you need to change them out in the future! The next time you want to start marketing your business, consider using blade signs!

All About Blade Signs

Blade signs are a historical and effective mode of advertisement.
Blade sign can make your business stand out from the competition.

Blade signs are a type of sign that is attached to the side of a building. They are often used to advertise businesses and can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. Blade signs have a long history dating back to ancient Greece, where they were used to advertise temples and other public places. Today, they are a popular choice for businesses of all types. For example, blade signs are very common in urban areas as a way to advertise stores or restaurants in high-density commercial districts. Additionally, many people find them more aesthetically pleasing than traditional painted signage. Blade signs work well because they are able to catch people’s attention from the sides and corners of buildings.

Best Use for Locations With Lots of Foot Traffic

Blade signs are a great option for businesses that see a lot of foot traffic. They are eye-catching outdoor signs and can be placed close to the street or sidewalk, making them easy for potential customers to spot. Blade signs can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood, so you can find an option that fits your budget and style. Plus, they are relatively easy to install and maintain, so you can keep your business looking sharp without breaking the bank.

3 Styles of Business Signs to Represent Your Brand

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, having professional and high-quality business signs to represent your brand is going to be key to your success. Signs are one of the biggest promotional tools that you can use to grow your business. 

Business Sign Styles

All styles of business signs are great to represent your brand. You can customize them with your unique branding and logo to reinforce who you are and what you do to everybody that walks past the signs. The right signage can also portray your brand values and personality. This is important when it comes to building up a business that is recognizable and credible within a particular industry. 

Style Options

There are a number of styles of business signs that you can use both inside and outside of your company property. 

Custom business signs are a great way to represent your brand.

1.Blade Signs

Blade signs are historically popular. They can be custom designed for your business, and they bring a classy and sophisticated vibe to your commercial property. They’re often used as directional signs to help guide visitors to the right departments. 

Often, blade signs are used to catch people’s attention. You can make them as big and bold as you like, and they are available in a number of different shapes, materials, and finishes. 

2. Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are bold and dynamic. They are 3D letter signs that are highly visible and can be used in the inside or outside of your commercial building. These versatile signs can even be illuminated, so they’re visible during both the day and the night. 

3. Flat-Cut-Out Lettering

One of the most popular styles of business signs is the simple and elegant flat-cut-out lettering signs. They are professional, versatile, and simple. 

To get your blade signs or channel letters, contact Precision Sign Company today. 

Get a Classic Blade Sign to Catch the Eye of Pedestrians

Custom-made blade signs

There’s no better way to advertise and decorate your storefront than with a blade sign. These types of signs are excellent for brick-and-mortar businesses that are located in areas with high pedestrian traffic. These signs capture the individual’s attention and allow them to see the store ahead of time. This is because blade signs are installed perpendicularly to the building.

Characteristics of a Blade Sign

The perpendicular positioning means that a passerby doesn’t have to constantly be turning their head towards storefronts as they walk. In fact, it means that pedestrians can identify the shop from a distance and have the time to consider whether or not they will go in. This is one of the many reasons why blade signs have been a popular storefront sign for so many years. They are a great way to identify your business to strangers while also attracting them to your business. It’s a win-win.

Modern blade signs can be customized to your brand.
Custom signage will refresh the look of your business.

These signs are also extremely versatile and come in a variety of styles. You can have both interior and exterior blade signs as well as those that are illuminated and non-illuminated. If you’re looking for a blade sign for your business, you have a lot of customization options.

How to Customize Your Blade Sign

Customizing your sign sounds like a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. There are great custom sign companies that offer design, manufacturing, and installation services. If you don’t have experience making or creating signs, you shouldn’t try to force it. Using a sign company, you should customize the size, shape, material, layout, and design at professional quality.

Fortunately, finding a custom sign manufacturer is just as easy. At the Precision Sign Company, you can receive custom sign solutions for any project or business. Contact us today to get a quote on any of our services.