Lighting Options for Custom Channel Letter Signs

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When you look at a custom channel letter sign, sometimes called building identification signs, most people immediately notice the size and shape of the letters. However, did you know there are several different ways to light them? And that your business needs and the type of lighting options available where your sign will be installed can make a big difference in visibility?  You may have already guessed that one of the most important considerations for lighting custom channel letter signs is what type of light will be most visible in the area where you want to install your sign. 

Determining the Best Lighting

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The black letters are a contrast to the white trim, and the new LED lighting allows for brighter lettering with less power.

If your business depends on visibility at night, then using neon or LED-illuminated sign might not be a good choice. If tall trees and bushes are blocking the sign, or if there is no lighting in the area, then you might want to consider an alternative option. And if your business is located near a major highway or a road where it could be easily seen from passing cars, then you will probably want to install a lighted channel letter sign. You have probably noticed that some custom channel letter signs are lit up in the back to make the surface of the letter black. 

Lighting Benefits

Lighting is a great way to make sure your custom channel letter signs stand out at night or are very visible during an outdoor event. If you decide on adding lighting to your custom channel letter signs, then there are many options available to you, from neon all the way to black.

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3 Styles of Business Signs to Represent Your Brand

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, having professional and high-quality business signs to represent your brand is going to be key to your success. Signs are one of the biggest promotional tools that you can use to grow your business. 

Business Sign Styles

All styles of business signs are great to represent your brand. You can customize them with your unique branding and logo to reinforce who you are and what you do to everybody that walks past the signs. The right signage can also portray your brand values and personality. This is important when it comes to building up a business that is recognizable and credible within a particular industry. 

Style Options

There are a number of styles of business signs that you can use both inside and outside of your company property. 

Custom business signs are a great way to represent your brand.

1.Blade Signs

Blade signs are historically popular. They can be custom designed for your business, and they bring a classy and sophisticated vibe to your commercial property. They’re often used as directional signs to help guide visitors to the right departments.¬†

Often, blade signs are used to catch people’s attention. You can make them as big and bold as you like, and they are available in a number of different shapes, materials, and finishes. 

2. Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are bold and dynamic. They are 3D letter signs that are highly visible and can be used in the inside or outside of your commercial building. These versatile signs can even be illuminated, so they’re visible during both the day and the night. 

3. Flat-Cut-Out Lettering

One of the most popular styles of business signs is the simple and elegant flat-cut-out lettering signs. They are professional, versatile, and simple. 

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Interior Channel Letter Signs

If you‚Äôre a business owner looking for a great way to advertise your brand, interior channel letter signs are an incredible way to do so. They’re creative, versatile, and completely customizable.¬†

Why Signage?

Whether it’s for the exterior or interior of your building, this form of 3D signage can be used for a number of reasons. 

Architectural Signage

Channel letter signs are an effective form of marketing to increase brand awareness and bring in new customers. They make your business appear professional. If you include your unique branding and logo on the letter signs, it reminds every one of your customers or clients of who you are and what you do. 

Interior channel letter signs can mark important areas that are essential to your success as a business. They‚Äôre also crucial to enhance your customer‚Äôs experiences. Signage is always helpful to guide customers, clients, and visitors around a company’s building. This saves them searching around or asking a staff member where to go.¬†

Businesses in retail and hospitality can use interior channel letter signs for multiple areas within their properties. These areas include 

  • Dressing rooms¬†
  • Lobbies or reception areas¬†
  • Lift areas or stairs¬†
  • Cashier desks or till areas (Pay Here)¬†
  • Ordering areas (Order Here)¬†
  • Specific departments (Women’s, men’s, kids)¬†
  • Room numbers for hotels¬†

Know Your Options

Interior channel letter signs are a great way to make sure your customers and clients have a great experience while using your services or buying your products. When your visitors are happy and content with their time in your shop or office building, they are more likely to become returning customers. They are also likely to tell their friends and family about your brand. This can generate more leads and boost your sales. 

All of this just from using professional signage throughout your business! 

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Choosing Lettering for Building Business Logo Signs

A sign by itself doesn’t attract attention or encourage business. For a sign to be effective, it needs to be able to maximize its visual appeal. Signs that are distinctive are more easily recognizable. And if a customer is able to remember your brand, you are halfway to inspiring a sale or interaction. The key to having a visually dynamic sign is by incorporating the right type of lettering.

Choosing the Right Lettering for Your Storefront Sign

Know your audience for the best signage.
Channel letter signs add an extra layer of dynamic design.

Selecting the perfect type of lettering for your business is not always easy. In fact, it can actually be quite difficult, particularly if you have no sign or design experience. The reason being, lettering that is effective in a logo does not always translate to an exterior logo sign. To maximize the effectiveness of your business sign lettering, you should incorporate some form of channel lettering. Channel lettering is a bold and intricate form of architectural signage that uses three-dimensional design to garner more attention. This type of lettering can also incorporate customer light options to make your signs attractive during all hours of the day. Moreover, these signs are completely customizable. From the typeface, to the colors, to the shape itself, every aspect of a channel lettering sign can be individualized for a specific business, its brand, location, and needs.

Flat Cut Out Lettering

This is one of the most professional sign options available. Whether they are used in exterior or interior settings, flat cut lettering is one of the sleekest sign design options currently available. Similarly, these signs can be subtle and contemporary, or bold and timeless. The wide array of texture combinations that are also available extend the customization options even further.

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Making Flat Lettering for Interior Signage Dynamic

Cielo Leasing Unique Custom Sign

Size isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to sign design. An effective sign can take all sorts of shapes, sizes, and volumes. Not all signs need big channel letters or deep three-dimensional styles. Sometimes flat lettering can be just as effective.

The Benefits of Flat Lettering

Special Olympics Wall Signage
The last thing you want is flat-letter signage that doesn’t draw attention.

The greatest benefit of flat-cut letter signs is their versatility. More often than not, deciding on a unique sign style can be very challenging. And thinking outside of the box could threaten the efficacy of your sign if the design doesn’t match the building or the business. In that case, there’s nothing wrong with going with the most reliable option available; flat lettering. Flat-cut letter signs are one of the most adaptable signs available. The design flexibility that these signs provide is part of what makes them so reliable ‚Äď and so popular. These flat lettering masterpieces come in all kinds of materials, colors, and finishes, and can be formed into any silhouette shape. The best part is that they can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments with little adjustment.

Design Tips for Dynamic Flat Lettering

The last thing you would want is for your flat-cut letter design to fall flat. An easy way to do that is to give your flat a little more volume. By giving the letters a little bit of three-dimensional extension, you can create a depth in lighting and colors that are extremely dynamic. This slightly un-flat style utilizes shadows to develop a contrast that provides a much more inviting texture than regular signs. How much volume you choose to add can alter how your sign looks and feels. The amount of creative options keeps this medium exciting and engaging for all types of consumers.

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How to Use Channel Lettering to Make Your Storefront More Striking

Sachi Sushi 3D letter sign

A flat façade can be an uninspiring aesthetic for profit-maximizing businesses. Fortunately, large, empty walls are the perfect canvas for vibrant channel lettering. Unlike regular exterior signs, each letter is isolated in a channel letter sign. These 3-dimensional letters produce an eye-catching effect that stands out on almost any interior or exterior surface.

What is Channel Lettering?

As mentioned above, these are signs composing of individual 3D letters that can be used in both interior and exterior settings. These types of signs are usually fabricated using materials such as aluminum, acrylic, and LED or neon lighting. While these signs can be used anywhere, they are most commonly seen on the outside of buildings, either directly on the façade or on top of the building itself.

Exterior example of effective channel lettering on a blank building.

A benefit of using channel letters is that it is easier to make larger signs. Because each letter is essentially its own unit or mini sign, you can make the word or brand name larger than an individual sign. This is another reason why channel letter signs are commonly used on and around buildings.

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Channel Lettering

The key to maximizing the efficacy of your channel lettering is size. Choosing an optimal font size is imperative when it comes to both readability and attractiveness. If the letters are too small, it may be difficult to read, which will dramatically reduce your customer traffic as well as your brand recognition. Similarly, if the letters are too large, it may seem unnatural and conflict with your company’s existing style. Remember, any choice you make with regards to channel lettering should be consistent with your brand image.

Trying to balance all of these factors can be extremely difficult for a business with little to no experience in sign creation. Fortunately, Precision Sign Company is here to help you with all your channel lettering needs. To learn more about our services, or get a quote, contact us today.

Blade Signs Add Flair To Your Business Site

Blade signs are a historical and effective mode of advertisement.

Have you ever walked through a new retail area and had difficulty telling what kind of stores you were surrounded by? Sometimes companies don’t make an effort to advertise the exterior of their store correctly, and thus, they lose out to customers who are walking on foot. Many people think that if they have a strong online presence, they will be successful, but if you are not making use of age-old advertising techniques, you may lose out to other clientele.

One of the best ways to increase customer volume is by putting blade signs outside of your business. These are going to be instrumental in catching the attention of foot traffic in the area. People often walk down sidewalks looking straight ahead, and if they see your blade signs sticking out, they are more likely to stop in.

Modern blade signs can be customized to your brand.
Your business could benefit from a blade sign.

What Are Blade Signs? History & Materials

Blade signs have been around since the 14th century. Inns began to hang them outside to give people an idea of what to expect inside. More vendors started to catch on. Locksmiths would hang a key, and the blacksmith would hang a horseshoe and so on. As time progressed, these outdoor signs became more tailored to the specific store.

Blade signs are a sign that sticks out perpendicular from the store so that customers can see it when walking by, rather than looking at it straight on. They were once made from metal or wood, but now many stores have bright steel and plastic signs with backlighting or LCD displays.

Best Use For Locations With Lots Of Foot Traffic

As these outdoor signs extend out from the stores, they are best used in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. People driving by can also notice these signs, but for pedestrians, outdoor signs are often critical to catching their attention and getting them into your business.

If you want to add some flare to your store or business, contact us at the Precision Sign Company. We can bring your store’s exterior to the next level.


Channel Letters Effectiveness Depends on Creative Design

Choosing the right sign for your business, event, or activity is important. Unfortunately, many individuals do not understand the difference between each option and what they really need and want. As you explore different styles, a channel letter sign should be at the top of your list.

What is a Channel Letter Sign?

A channel letter sign is a three-dimensional sign. It uses letters made from acrylic, LED, aluminum, or other materials. These signs are ideal for many businesses, particularly when placing signs on building exteriors or on commercial buildings. They are large and can be easily seen at night, making them effective and versatile.

channel letters
Channel letters are an effective signage option.

How to Improve Channel Letters Effectiveness

There are many options available when it comes to channel letters so you can unleash your creativity. You will want to work with a professional commercial signage company to ensure you have a variety of options and that you receive expert help from the design process to the installation.

As you consider the effectiveness of your sign, there are several factors you want to keep in mind. These include:

  • Color of the letters
  • Size of the sign including each letter
  • The shape of the letters
  • Installation process
  • How the letters will be illuminated

To ensure your customized sign is effective, it is important that you consider all of the above factors. With so many channel letter styles available, there are many options and you must play around with different ideas and designs until you find something that you truly love and matches your brand’s style.

Nothing says creativity like a channel letter sign. At Precision Sign Company, we have all you need to create customized signs. Browse our website to learn more about our signage solutions. Contact us today to receive your free quote and to begin designing your next channel letter sign.

Custom-Made Channel Letter Signs in Golden, Colorado 

Custom-Made Channel Letter Signs

Whether if you have a store in the shopping mall or a restaurant downtown, channel letter signs are one of the most effective and elegant ways to attract your targeted audience into your business and become your customers. If you want to make a positive change and give a new look to your storefront, channel letter signs are what you need. 

Details about Channel Letter Signs 

Channel Letter Signs are 3-dimensional letters illuminated through a special plastic that is called halo-lit and commonly used on building storefronts but can also be used indoors. You can customize this type of sign with any font and shape, depending on your company’s needs. Channel letter signs can illuminate or not, but we recommend to light it up for your brand to be visible 24/7, making it more attractive, especially at night.

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At Precision Sign Company, we have a team of highly qualified designers to help you create your commercial channel letter signs, and handle the installation process. You can rest assured that we will handle everything with the highest standards in quality. We will never compromise quality to lower costs. It is our belief and experience that quality is much more effective and creates much better results for our customers. We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our signage solutions. Contact us and get ready to boost your business or specific project with the best and highest quality sign solutions. Our customer care representatives will consider all the concerns you have about your project, giving you a free estimate based on your business needs.