Best Types of Signage for Your Retail Store

Blade signs are a historical and effective mode of advertisement.

Deciding which sign you want can sometimes be more important than the content itself. There are many different types of signs to choose from when it comes to displaying your storefront. Signs can even be used inside for communicating directions and information to your consumers. For your retail store to increase traffic and close sales, you need to incorporate signs. But which one is right for you?

Indoor and Outdoor Signage for Retail Stores

Unlike other businesses, retail signage doesn’t have to be limited to outdoor signs. Many retailers use a combination of interior and exterior signs to attract customers while informing them of in-store services.

If a retailer is located on a street with a lot of foot traffic, they may opt for a blade sign that is perpendicular to the building. This places the content of the sign directly in the path of the viewer and makes the content that much more effective. Similarly, these retailers also include indoor signs. These typically indicate to customers where different sections of the store are or which services are where. For example, the most common use of indoor signs is to indicate which booth offers customer service.

channel letters
Channel letters are an effective indoor sign option.

Wayfinding, Informational, and Bold Signage for Retail

Most indoor signs, however, require more specifications than just your standard customer service sign. Many have a directional or wayfinding purpose that directs consumers to “Women’s Clothes on the Second Floor.” Such signs will have to be customized for a particular retailer or a particular location.

The goal of signage should be for consumers to find your business, find the product they want, and purchase the item without additional in-person guidance. Custom signage is the best way to create bold signs that informs your consumer.

If you are interested in upgrading your business with a custom sign, contact us at the Precision Sign Company today, and start making your dream store your real store.

Benefits of EMC and Digital Signage Over Traditional Signage

EMC Sign

Everything is going digital, including your signs. For many businesses, traditional signage is thought to be a better investment than its digital counterparts. Static signs require a smaller initial investment and even less maintenance than digital signs. But that’s where the preference for static signs stop. Digital signage provides its businesses with adaptable signs that grab consumer attention at all hours of the day – especially at night.

Digital Signage (EMC) is More Eye-catching and Has a Further Reach Than Static Signage

Unlike static signs, digital signage uses dynamic lighting and movement to attract the attention of its viewers. Digital signage, or EMC signs, can provide transitions and animation that immediately grab the attention of those passing by. Static signs provide no incentive for viewership and can often get lost in the sea of competitor signs. Similarly, these signs can be adjusted on-the-fly to meet the business’s target audience.

Consumer bases are constantly changing. Changing with them is a huge advantage for a business and will save you tons of money in replacement costs. These Electronic Messaging Centers can also be quite personal. They can provide support for local initiatives or communicate a business’s response to daily news. This emotional connection is much more valuable than that of digital signage.

Digital signage
This is one of the many types of EMC signs Precision Sign Company can make for you.

Digital Signage is Versatile and More Cost-Effective

Contrary to popular belief, digital signs are actually the more cost-effective signage. The LEDs used in EMCs and digital signs can last for almost 10 years. That means almost no bulb replacement is required. Similarly, not having to replace your sign based on consumer appeal means you can use your digital sign for years – even decades – to come.

Digital signs are the best investment for a small, local business. They have a great return on investment, are energy efficient, and require almost no maintenance. If you are curious about upgrading your business with a digital sign, contact us at Precision Sign Company today.